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Conservative Tea Party Republican for Term Limits

Republican Steve Clark will take his conservative philosophy to Washington and fight for our Texas values.

As our new congressman, Republican Steve Clark will fight for our families and communities. His priorities are:

Steve Clark will:

Support Lower Taxes and Smaller Government

Defend our Second Amendment Freedoms

Stand up for our Traditional Conservative Values

Work to Create New Jobs

Support the right to Life for the unborn

Protect private property rights

Support tort reform to reduce frivolous lawsuits from personal
injury trial lawyers

Preserve Social Security for every generatio

Secure Our Borders How long does this really have to take?
Let's get it done, NOW!

Earmarks The incumbent has added more than 7 earmarks in the last session. Either we stop ALL earmarks or stop fooling ourselves, NOW!

TERM LIMITS We cannot expect different results by sending the same people to D.C.  Isn't it odd how the approval ratings for Congress are at historic lows, but everyone likes 'their' Representative.  Could it be that being paid to campaign endlessly might make people think that you are really concerned about their issues? You should be able to share your best thoughts and ideas in 4 or 6 years. If you have served 20 or 30 years, you probably have given your best shot by now. If not by House Rules or State action, then by Constitutional Amendment. Let's implement Term Limits, NOW!


For more information or to volunteer call us at

Steve Clark for Congress
2931 Ridge Road
Suite 101-168
Rockwall, TX 75032

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